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  • Summarizer is a desktop application for document summarization. A new feature - named entities recognition - allows to identify people, places, companies and relations between them. Summarization allows to extract main ideas and put them into a short summary. You can summarize a document, email or Web page directly from your favorite application, or generate an annotation. Intellexer Summarizer is a very helpful tool for scientists, students and analysts:
  • Documents annotation software. Allows to build summary, extract key Concepts, Names and relations.
  • An excellent program for students. Makes it possible to understand the content of the whole book and comprehend its meaning with no need to read it entirely.
  • Summarizer is a desktop application for document summarization. This application opens up new possibilities for quick data analysis and documents research. Summarizer analyzes the document, extracts its main ideas and generates a short summary or an annotation. There is no need to read the whole documents. Summarizer lets you work with data in your documents, emails and web pages quickly and easily: