Intellexer Summarizer for Windows 10

Intellexer Summarizer NE Get it on Windows 10
  • Price: USD 24.95
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: at least 70 MB free disk space
  • Internet connection is required
  • Intellexer Summarizer can be tried out under a 30-day free trial


In the era of information and technology, almost any kind of information can be easily found and accessed. The main challenge is to decide whether a detailed study of this information is worth spending time on.

Intellexer Summarizer for Windows 10 is a network client application for an automatic text analysis and summarization. It uses sophisticated algorithms based on Machine Learning and NLP technologies.

Intellexer Summarizer for Windows 10 has got all the best from the previous versions of Intellexer Summarizer with new features added:

  • With the new Summarizer, it became possible to summarize a text directly from the integrated web search by simply choosing a search result.
  • There is an option now to see all the sentences from the original text containing information about the concept which was tapped or clicked on.
  • Intellexer Summarizer for Windows 10 is now available on a PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Intellexer Summarizer extracts relevant sentences from a document and generates a short summary with a minimum loss of meaningful information. It is an ideal solution for those who deal with huge cross-field amounts of information and are tied for time.

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Summarizer for Windows 10 Features

  • Work with web pages, web search results, clipboard content, and documents
  • Supported file formats - PDF, RTF,  DOC, DOCX,  TXT, HTML/HTM, MSG
  • Automatic recognition of a document structure and topic
  • Adjustable summary length
  • Topic-oriented summaries
  • Named Entities Recognition and Classification
  • Concept Extraction and Concept Tree generation
  • Possibility to see facts about concepts or entities.