About EffectiveSoft

EffectiveSoft is a software development company specializing in semantic solutions for knowledge and document management. It is a developer and sole proprietor of Intellexer - a family of software solutions based on natural language processing. The unique architecture of Intellexer™ allows the custom development of semantic solutions based on the Intellexer™ SDK (Software Development Kit). Also, it facilitates the delivery of ready out-of-the-box intelligent software.

In 2007 Effective Soft presented Intellexer Summarizer at major events in the field of textual data processing and management: Text Analytics Summit in Amsterdam, Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose, and 3rd Text Analytics Summit in Boston.

We are ready to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate way to meet your company's needs. We can help you determine whether you need to implement new solutions or to reengineer your existing resources. Our experts are ready to provide you with consultation on any issue related to the use of our solutions. Please, contact us for any assistance.