Intellexer Summarizer for Windows 10 makes sure you will spend your time on information you really need

EffectiveSoft, Ltd. is happy to announce a new document analysis service for Windows 10 available on PC, tablet, and smartphone. Have to read massive documents but your time is limited? Powered by artificial intelligence, Intellexer Summarizer will get the main ideas of the text just with one tap.

Select an article from the integrated web search or insert a URL, upload a document or simply copy a text to get the summary right off the bat.

Use Summarizer to:

  • Get a general or topic-oriented summary of the document;
  • Visualize the text in the form of a concept tree;
  • Extract Named Entities - Person, Organization, Location, Age, Nationality, Event, and others;
  • Get facts about concepts or entities.

Intellexer Summarizer caters for a broad range of people from students to analysts and researchers. The service helps to quickly understand the main line of the text without going into the details.

Software developed by EffectiveSoft, Ltd. uses a proprietary linguistic platform IntellexerTM to analyze documents, extract the main ideas and put them into a short summary. Learn more


Intellexer Summarizer can be purchased for USD$24.99 via the Microsoft Windows Marketplace. The service is run on Windows 10 and requires Internet connection. Intellexer Summarizer can be tried out under a 30-day free trial.